Free-software implementation of Counter-Strike.

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Free-software implementation of Counter-Strike running on the FTE QuakeWorld engine.

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The goal of this project is to provide an open-source version of Counter-Strike 1.5. Counter-Strike, being one of the most popular multiplayer games to exist, hasn’t had a free-software implementation done until now. ** This project distributes no assets from either Half-Life or Counter-Strike. You have to provide them yourself. ** ** This project shares no code with the Half-Life SDK. The entities are re-creations based on descriptions on ** ** Read the HL SDK EULA to find out why. **

Five cool random things you can do with this:

  1. Play/Host CS on virtually every platform.
  2. Customize the game to whatever extent you like.
  3. Create entirely new weapons!
  4. Create completely new and refreshing gamemodes!
  5. Have a guarantee to be able to play it 20 years into the future!


All the weapons are implemented, so are the gamemodes:

The game is playable as long as you don’t care about the radar/overview display.


  1. Get the latest version of FTEQW from the website.
  2. Download csv15full.exe to get the ‘cstrike’ folder (Use Wine on *NIX because the linux server is missing assets…).
  3. Move both the cstrike folder and the FTE QuakeWorld binary into a folder
  4. Copy the contents of FreeCS into that same folder, so that fteqw, freecs, default.fmf and cstrike co-exist in the same directory.
  5. Run FTE QuakeWorld

Optional step: Copy the ‘valve’ folder from your Half-Life installation in order for all assets to show up


You might get away with using the cstrike folder from the Steam version of Counter-Strike 1.6, or any older version than 1.5 - but they are not supported. I will not try to recreate 1.6 or any other earlier versions specifically. I may however add additional, optional features that will emulate behaviour of later versions of Counter-Strike.

Special Thanks

Spike - Creator of FTE QuakeWorld and FTEQCC (Website)

TWHL - Mapping Community with CS/HL entity information (Website)

This repository uses no content from Half-Life nor the original Counter-Strike, for credits as to who created the ORIGINAL Counter-Strike, please visit WebArchive - counter-strike net