Free-software implementation of Counter-Strike.

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Free-software implementation of Counter-Strike running on the FTE QuakeWorld engine.

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Yes. This runs on Linux. You only need WINE or a Windows machine to extract the CS 1.5 Files.

I cannot legally redistribute them. Sorry.

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The goal of this project is to provide an open-source version of Counter-Strike 1.5. Counter-Strike, being one of the most popular multiplayer games to exist, hasn’t had a free-software implementation done until now. While it will try to be as close as possible to the original mod, it will build upon it with optional features and better usability.

This project distributes no assets from either Half-Life or Counter-Strike. You have to provide them yourself.

This project shares no code with the Half-Life SDK. The entities are re-creations based on descriptions on

Read the HL SDK EULA to find out why.

Five cool random things you can do with this:

  1. Play/Host CS on virtually every platform.
  2. Customize the game to whatever extent you like.
  3. Create entirely new weapons!
  4. Create completely new and refreshing gamemodes!
  5. Have a guarantee to be able to play it 20 years into the future!


All the weapons are implemented, so are the gamemodes:

The game is playable as long as you don’t care about the radar/overview display.


  1. Get the newest copy of FreeCS by cloning or clicking here
  2. Extract it to somewhere safe on your harddrive, where you have read/write access (for Windows users… this is not C:/Program Files)
  3. Get the latest version of FTEQW from the website in binary form and put it into the FreeCS directory with default.fmf in it. You can also build fteqw from source yourself if you know how.
  4. Download csv15full.exe. You can find it on FilePlanet
  5. Run csv15full.exe and install it into the FreeCS folder. (Use Wine on *NIX! No, the Linux Server zip does NOT contain all the assets)
  6. Run FTE QuakeWorld to play!

Optional step: Copy the ‘valve’ folder from your Half-Life installation in order for all assets to show up into the same directory as freecs, cstrike and the default.fmf!

Most UNIX file systems are case-sensitive, so you’ll want to rename the .wad files in the cstrike directory to be lowercase for now. This will fix most missing texture bugs! Yes, this problem will be adressed in the future.

Dedicated Server Notes: Get fteqwsv.exe and launch it with the following parameters:

fteqwsv.exe +sv_public 1 +map cs_assault

You can replace cs_assault with any map you desire.


You might get away with using the cstrike folder from the Steam version of Counter-Strike 1.6, or any older version than 1.5 - but they are not supported. I will not try to recreate 1.6 YET or any other earlier versions specifically. I may however add additional, optional features that will emulate behaviour of later versions of Counter-Strike, such as adding a way for server owners to configure whether or not buying a weapon automatically buys ammo (ala Counter-Strike: Source).

Support this project

Feel free to send pull requests and refresh my memory by suggesting missing features under the Issues tab! If you would like me to spend more time on this project, consider donating to me via PayPal or LiberaPay.

This is a one-man side-project. Keep it in mind before commenting… Anway, any help is appreciated.


Client Console Commands

Client Console Variables

Server Console Commands & Variables

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Thanks

Spike - Creator of FTE QuakeWorld and FTEQCC (Website)

TWHL - Mapping Community with CS/HL entity information (Website)

This repository uses no content from Half-Life nor the original Counter-Strike, for credits as to who created the ORIGINAL Counter-Strike, please visit WebArchive - counter-strike net